Terms Of

Mediations and Arbitrations are considered booked and scheduled when a Confirmation Letter is e-mailed.

  • 2 Parties: $200 per hr/per party.
  • 3 Parties: $175 per hr/per party
  • 4 Parties: $150 per hr/per party
  • 5+ Parties: $125 per hr/per party
*Separately represented parties

3 hour minimum for ½ day mediation and 6 hour minimum for full day mediation.

$150.00 per party for round-trip travel of more than 120 miles from Tampa.

Cancellation policy

Less than 3 business days' notice: Cancellation Fee equal to 3 hours of service for ½ day mediations or arbitrations and Cancellation Fee equal to 6 hours of service for full-day mediations or arbitrations. (Please call to discuss any extenuating circumstances that you believe should bear on the application of a cancellation fee.)

Agreement to arbitrate with Alan D. Stewart, regardless of whether the matter is referred by the Court, shall constitute agreement to waive the per diem limit set by Fla. Stat. § 44.103 (3). All arbitrations not subject to a Court-Order specified hourly rate shall be billed at the above-specified hourly rate.

After a Mediation or an Arbitration is scheduled, please e-mail the Notice of Mediation or Notice of Arbitration to alan@stewart-mediations.com.

Please take notice that for all Mediations and Arbitrations to take place after January 1, 2024, the above-stated rates and cancellation period shall be changed. Please call (813) 820-5000 or er-mail alan@stewart-mediations for 2024 rates and for cancellation period information.