Terms Of

Mediations and Non-Binding Arbitrations are considered booked and scheduled when a Confirmation Letter is e-mailed.

  • 2 Parties: $200 per hr/per party
  • 3 Parties: $175 per hr/per party
  • 4 Parties: $150 per hr/per party
  • 5+ Parties: $125 per hr/per party
*Separately represented parties

2 hour minimum for ½ day mediation and/or arbitration;
5 hour minimum for full day mediation and/or arbitration.

$100.00 per party for round-trip travel of more than 120 miles from Tampa.

Cancellation policy

Less than 2 calendar days (48 hours) notice – cancellation fee of $800.00 for ½ day mediations or non-binding arbitrations; cancellation fee of $2,000.00 for full-day mediations or non-binding arbitrations. (Please call to discuss any extenuating circumstances that you believe should bear on the application of a cancellation fee.)

Agreement to Binding and Non-Binding Arbitration with Alan D. Stewart, regardless of whether or not referred by the Court, shall constitute agreement to waive the per diem limit set by Fla. Stat. § 44.103 (3). All Binding and Non-Binding Arbitrations not subject to a Court-Order specified hourly rate shall be billed at the above-specified hourly rate.